Hi, I am Lena.

I am a freshly graduated UX designer, who is looking for an entry-level position to apply my new skills to projects in a professional environment.

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UX design

What I have learnt

During my education at Syntra AB, I was lucky to learn from Marjan Geerts, a practising UX designer and UX coach. Based on my study project, I saw all steps of both UX research and design processes. The high scores that I got for my exams serve me as an indication that I well understood the UX design principals. I am more than ready to start my journey as an UXer!

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About me

Some facts about me:

I am based in Belgium. I live in the beautiful Mechelen, the city is famous for its carillon sound.

I lived in three countries, I speak four languages, I play piano and I am planning to master a balance board.

For fun, I grow dahlias in my garden and follow dance classes.

For the last Carnival, I sewed a Paw Patrol Marshall costume for my son, which I am very proud of!

Get in touch!

If you have any questions, drop your email at edryamina@gmail.com.